Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Saturday, September 22, 2007

Week #5 (more)

Ok, I just looked at Library Thing. Interesting. I guess it would be very useful for someone who has a personal library. I guess. I hate to admit this, but I don't read too much. You try raising 3 kids, work 40 hours a week, volunteer at the schools, Cub Scouts, etc.. It doesn't leave you much time for reading. I do read magazines. I registered at Library Thing and entered the last 2 books that I did read. So I did it anyway.

Rollyo-did that too. I think I need to spend more time there. I didn't quite get it. Help! Help Desk. Didn't Ellen and Jim say they were available 24/7? It's only 11:19 pm....

Week #5 (again)

I went to another BCPL blog and saw the Meez. I thought it was so cool, I had to make one for mine! I loved the animation!

This is what TKD is!

Week #4

Ok, I went back to complete week #4 which included RSS feeds and Merlin. It all sounds very interesting. I was able to create my blogline, and I have 12 feeds set up. 10 of them were easy because I just clicked on the topics I was interested in when I opened the account. (oops, is this what the tutorial sais NOT to do? Oh well. I did the Merlin feed, on my own... Yeah me! However, I don't use the internet enough, personally, to make this worth my while. I can though that this would be something my husband may be interested in. I kinda am excited to show him what I've learned! I spent alot of time looking for sites with RSS feeds, and I spent a lot of time without success. Then I discovered the resources to help with this process (topix, etc) I may come back to this later....

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Week 5

Oops, I skipped a week. On purpose. I'm at home doing 23 things, since I have about 2 more extra minutes there then I do at work. My daughter was excited to help me try to make an Avatar girl. I think she sort if looks like me. You know, I always wanted a pet polar bear. They look so cuddly!
Yahoo! Avatars U.K. & Ireland